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The Cocoa Expo Sports Center was built in 1964 as the Spring Training home of the Houston Colt 45's (later known as the Houston Astros). The Houston Astros called the Cocoa Expo their Spring home from 1964-1985; 21 years! In 1985, the park turned its attention to amateur sports and hosted hundreds of NCAA, High School and youth tournaments. The park did not see any professional teams play in their stadium until 1993, when the Florida Marlins used Cocoa Expo as their Spring Training home in the franchise's inaugural season.

The Florida Marlins played their first game ever in the Cocoa Stadium. Since then, the Cocoa Expo Sports Center has been one of the nation's most popular High School and College Spring Training facilities. Through the years, the complex also became a popular destination for other sports such as Soccer, Lacrosse, Softball, Football, Swimming and even High School Band Camps.

Long-time residents of the Cocoa area have seen the Cocoa Expo Sport Center go through many different changes over the past few decades. What was once known as one of the finest sports complexes around, the Expo slowly began to lose its allure. Without any significant renovations in over 20 years the complex became severely outdated and was in desperate need of a full make-over.

In the Summer of 2011, with a great deal of support from the local government, residents, sports teams, non-profit organizations and private investors, the Cocoa Expo Sports Center is receiving a long-overdue renovation of the entire complex. From the stadium and baseball fields to the dorms and indoor arena, the complex is receiving a nearly $40 Million overhaul and will soon be known as one of the premier sports complexes in the entire country. Despite its glorious past, the Cocoa Expo's finest days are still ahead. The "New" Cocoa Expo Sports Center will soon play host to thousands of athletes and spectators from around the world. The next chapter of the Cocoa Expo story begins in January 2013.


Walter Demonbreun

Saturday, July 7, 2018
****** Please read *********The best way to describe this place is a great preview to a bad movie. You all know the preview you see and say man that’s going to be a awesome movie and it turns out trash, well that’s a lot like this place. This is coming from a parent view who has been in the travel scene for quite some time. 1st things first there are a lot of things that you must read FULLY to understand what you are getting if you aren’t staying on site like no opening day ceremony and skills competition for a tournament under 40 teams. If you don’t buy the all inclusive package ( which we didn’t ) you have to pay umpires 45 dollars at home plate at the start of a game only tournament I have seen after paying entry fees teams had to pay umpires. We showed up with 5 teams in our bracket * if you read more reviews it’s the same things over and over* well one team we where told had a team emergency and backed out and then where told the next that another just wasn’t coming. So at this point we are down to 3 teams we double header a team on Monday (after the scheduled changed magically). Tuesday was supposed to be team A that we played and the other team that was left playing back to back. After we finished game 3 with the same team we noticed team A wasn’t moving from the dugout. So we looked at schedule during the 3rd game our schedule changed AGAIN to another game against the same team. So this is 4 games against the SAME team we drove more than 700 miles to play here and we play the same team over and over. (We split 2and2 with good baseball between the two teams). So we had the 4th off and was supposed to play team A again on Thursday for our 6 game Guarantee. Well the director found us another 13u team with 2 14 year old kids on it. Well they show up I start talking to parents trying to find out where they where from (they brought 2 teams 13u and high school age ) they where from Orlando and brought there 14u and 16 u teams so we got a healthy dose of the 14u team that was a very good coached team and solid team great experience (because that’s what you call taking a beating now ). Plus it was a stay to play tournament so we drove miles and miles stayed at there approved hotel paid the 8 bucks a person to get in for adults a day fields where in bad shape (grass needed cut infield needed raked pitching mounds had holes deep enough that my kids size 12 shoe would disappear completely ) The place has so much potential with a little work and a little TLC would be a great place to play. So after getting there we start looking at reviews on google BBB trip advisor and so on. This seems like the same thing week in and week out. Have seen multiple reviews where there was 5 teams in a bracket and all a sudden it was down to 2. Looks like they are making up teams to draw in others to play and then they all back out for reason that make NO SENSE because this is a no refund for any reason ( read other reviews) tournament including rain outs. Our families have started to spread the word here to stay away from that place.

John Watters

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
My team has traveled there for the last two years for spring training and stayed 7 days each time. Everything about it was great. Wonderful hospitality, meals were great and lots of food, games were great competition, good officials and it was an all-around good experience. Our team will be there again in March 2019.

Gladis Simmons

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Our teams have stayed there more than six times over the past two years. Every time it was a great experience. We love the Bermuda grass and red clay. We are tired of playing on the fake turf. This place is awesome!

Virginia Bellhorn

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
There needs to be a zero star rating option! I am not one who likes to post bad reviews however this one is well deserved. Any coach, team or parent debating bringing your team to this facility DON'T DO IT! You have been warned. Our team of 12 U boys worked hard to fund raise for this once in a lifetime week long "Cooperstown" style tournament. The management did not organize an actual tournament for our boys. The Skills Competition was cancelled, opening ceremonies cancelled, 3 teams with one of which only playing for 2 of the 5 days is not a tournament. The staff will not return phone calls and will not return the hard earned money to our team. This is a tough $6,700 lesson we learned. I hope this review will help save another team from the mess our team is in. SHAME ON YOU Cocoa Expo Sports Center, SHAME ON YOU!!! *The response given by the center clearly speaks for the type of business this is. There were only 4 teams on the original schedule. One had already cancelled, one was only playing for a few days as we personally reached out to them. If you would have the courtesy to respond to parents and coaches there wouldn't be a need for us to have these reviews. Believe me the all parents VERY MUCH wanted this for our boys!


Saturday, July 21, 2018
Do NOT come here. Horrible staff with limited maintenance workers. Waited 2 1/2 hrs for them to fix a few small puddles only to play a 50 minute 12u game .They were quick to take our $15 per head though. FAIR WARNING TO ALL!!

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