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National Sports Center

1700 105th Avenue NorthEast

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The National Sports Center is the world's largest amateur sports and meeting facility. The NSC campus operates over 100 unique programs and events in a variety of sports as well as hosting numerous national and international competitions annually that draws over 4 million visitors a year. The NSC is a priceless, innovative and unique state asset.

The NSC has a dual mission:

-- To generate out-of-state economic impact through amateur sports events and programs. In an independent study of the NSC by the State of Minnesota Office of Analysis and Evaluation, the NSC produces over $47 million in economic impact annually. Out-of-state visitors generate $2.3 million of taxes to the state annually, and $800,000 in annual local taxes.

-- To provide amateur sports opportunities to Minnesota residents.Even though the NSC has produced impressive out-of-state economic impact, the fact remains that the bulk of visitors are Minnesota residents - 92 percent, in fact. These are families and athletes who play in leagues and tournaments, attend events as spectators, attend non-sport events and play on the golf course. On an average day there are 12 different programs and events taking place at the NSC, and most service the local community.


Marcus Burdick

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018

The place is incredible as far as structure and the simple fact that it's huge. Unfortunately there are no times posted for any of their services and typically the bathrooms are an absolute disaster. The back half of the complex, rinks 5-8 aren't setup the best but they're decent rinks for being an after thought.

Larry Pickleberg

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Excellent sport center!!! Jam packed with fields for tons of sports!! I used to play lacrosse on a field here. And it is payed out so nicely I couldn't find a way to make it better. It's lacking a cricket feild though so only 4 stars. There's not much else to say about is except how it looks so nice and I just want to lay around in it in the summer time and just look at the sky here. If I was coach of a sports team I would love for this to be my home feild.

Mai Yia Yang

Friday, March 9, 2018

Place is huge but poor signing. We drove back and forth and finally just followed strangers to the correct entrance.

Robert Venturella

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018

Lots of hockey to be played here! 8 sheets of ice with a good common area. Snack bar with lots of options.

Joanne Carlson

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017

Poorly planned, I heard guys in volunteer firefighter jackets say the were way over capacity. There was no direction with parking. There was a vendor who put his display of fishing rods in the aisle. Next time consider a lager space, some parking direction and know if you are running at the same time as a hockey tournament that will share parking. I would not recommend attending this event.

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