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2913 Spooky Nook Road

On most weekends during the last five years, the Nook Sports founders found themselves traveling the country to one youth sports event after another. The more they moved from venue to venue, the more they were struck by the lack of sports facilities that offered quality customer service, great playing and spectator conditions and additional activities for down times.

Before too long, they were on a mission: find an existing building suitable for running sports and activities in their beloved community, and create a family-centric sports, entertainment and events venue.

In November 2011, after a thorough search, an old Armstrong World Industries distribution center in Manheim, Pennsylvania hit the radar, and the rest was history. Even though the building was empty and in need of renovation, everyone agreed it just screamed whistles, cheering crowds and the hustle and bustle of an exciting sports venue...and they bought it.

The group knew the building (which sits on 65 acres) was big, but they didn't realize quite how big. As they researched their plans, they discovered that it would be nearly twice the size of the next biggest sports complex facility in the country. In fact, they are not aware of any indoor sports complex quite this big anywhere else in the world!

The company owes its name to its location on Spooky Nook Road. Locally, the road is affectionately referred to on a regular basis, and the founders thought it made for the coolest sports brand around!


tim brown aka silverfox

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018

Two years ago this month my wife and I traveled from Maine in the blizzard that was measured in feet. We were in the area to visit some friends that we were traveling to Turkey in March with. My wife researched the Warehouse Hotel and booked a room for us. We arrived to two feet plus of snow and still found a spot cleared for us to park. We checked in to find we would be the only guests that night and the front desk person was stuck there for the duration of the storm, very pleasant lady. We dined a few times at the Forklift and Palate, which amazingly was open and was an excellent experience. Our room was extremely comfortable with nice views of the snowstorm still happening. We made it to visit with our friends in a neighboring town and saw cars parked beside the sidewalks completely covered with snow. I thought we had it bad in Maine. It was one of the many fun and enjoyable trips my wife Kris and I did together. I would do it again in an instant! Highly recommend Spooky Nook Sports, restaurant and Hotel. Tim Brown

Beth Gainer

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018

What an amazing sports venue!! After a great meal at the Fork n Pallet, we toured around and were able to watch basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc. All under one roof. The atmosphere was teeming with excitement. Our guest from Minnesota was totally gaga about the place and can't wait to come back to visit the Nook again.

Wendessa Cabrera

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

I go for the climbing gym. They have a lot of other sports things there. My son goes with me. We have a great time every time. The staff are nice and knowledgeable. The walls are challenging but after practice can be easy. They have a boulder wall (multiple sides to it) and straight walls for belays. Regular belays for pairs Auto belays for those people who don’t have a partner. The memberships are a bit steep only because on top of that you have to pay for the shoe + harness rental. Adult memberships are $43/month, youth $25/month. Day passes are $15/day. The harness and shoes are $10.60 each time; so if you plan on going often your best bet is to go to REI and get your own equipment (if you’re not satisfied with your purchase they have a great return policy). They have a food court and smoothie bar. The food is definitely overpriced but tastes good and if you need a quick bite to eat it’s worth it. They have healthy options and non healthy options. You cannot bring food or drink into the building so if you wanna go cheap, pack a lunch and eat in the car. :) The bathrooms are very nice, they have an arcade and many other features to check out when you go.

Gary Bonalumi

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018

Why would a sports complex billing itself as “family friendly” host a republican fundraiser at which they are giving away an AR-15? At THIS time?? This is an in-your-face move and a bad influence on children. Shame on Lloyd Smucker for allowing this event and shame on Spooky Nook and it’s owner and event organizers for being such gun zealots that they don’t even have the basic human decency to hold off on such an event. I for one will be encouraging family members to drop their SN membership.

Kenneth Arias

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018

Biggest sports complex (by square feet) in the country. State of the art equipment, tons of basketball courts, several batting cages and athletic fields, in-house hotel+restaurant, orthopedic+ athletic training center (OAL), even a daycare and arcade! This is easily one of the best gym's in the country. Is also home to the U.S. Olympic field hockey team.

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